Sakine Şevki Yurtbay Food Research Center and Food Engineering Sakine Şevki Yurtbay Food Research Center and Food Engineering


“Sakine Şevki Yurtbay Food Research Center and Food Engineering” building, which was constructed by businessman Zeki Yurtbay, was turned over to Bülent Ecevit University (BEÜ).

Sakine Şevki Yurtbay Research Center Building, which was constructed by Yurtbay Seramik A.Ş., consists of four floors and offers about 4,000 square meters of covered space. In addition to 10 classrooms, 14 offices, 4 food laboratories, the building has computer and language labs. Zeki Yurtbay talked about the importance of the University and especially the Çaycuma campus. In his publicity speech to the media, Zeki Yurtbay said: “Bülent Ecevit University has become a beacon of higher education for the future of our city and region. Rather than being content with following these developments, we prefer to be a partner to this determination for growth and progress. I would like to congratulate Chancellor Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Hikmet Yazıcı and everyone who contributed to the establishment of the department. Mahmut Özer for the university’s achievements. On behalf of my family, I also would like to express my gratitude for allowing us to be a part of these achievements. As we have done so in the past, we will continue to do our best and support the university on every step of the way. I also want to thank Çaycuma Governor Hasan Yaman and Çaycuma Mayor Mithat Gülşen for their contributions to this achievement.” 

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