BEÜ Unites With Its Food Engineering Department BEÜ Unites With Its Food Engineering Department

Bülent Ecevit University (BEÜ) continues its development rapidly due to its great expansion move with the recently opened academic units. The most recent academic addition was the Department of Food Engineering.  Philanthropic businessperson Zeki Yurtbay provided significant support for space allocation and construction of the building. 

During the Higher Education General Assembly Meeting on 19 March 2014, recommendations on admitting students to higher education programs in the 2014-2015 academic year were discussed and BEÜ’s recommendation was approved. The Department of Food Engineering, which was formed under the Faculty of Engineering, will begin its educational activities by admitting 50 students as of next academic year. Food Engineering students, who will study at the Çaycuma campus, will also have extensive application and laboratory resources in addition to learning theoretical knowledge. Students of the department will be trained at the Sakine Şevki Yurtbay Research Center and Food Engineering Building.


Making a statement on the subject, BEÜ Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mahmut Özer: “The Department of Food Engineering was founded in order to groom food engineers that our national and regional industry will need and to provide the necessary support to the industry. The department intends to provide an internationally accredited educational program for the students that will be admitted. We offer a five-year educational plan which includes the preparation year. The Department of Food Engineering will prepare the youth for the future and the business world as fully equipped food engineers by educating them on fundamental topics such as Fundamentals of Engineering, R&D and its Management, Food Production Technology, Design and Planning, Process, Quality Control, Food Microbiology, Hygiene-Sanitation, Food Preservation and Packaging. Planning to serve as such, our department intends to train innovative, problem-solver and entrepreneur Food Engineers who use scientific methods. I would like to thank philanthropic businessperson Zeki Yurtbay for his great sacrifices in allocating space and constructing the building, and the previous Çaycuma Mayor Mithat Gülşen and Governor Hasan Yaman for their contributions the infrastructure completion. I also would like to thank Engineering Faculty’s Dean Dr. Yılmaz Yıldırım, Çaycuma Vocational School’s Director Asst. Dr. Hikmet Yazıcı I wish the Department of Food Engineering to be good for Çaycuma and Zonguldak.”

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